Shower rituals – do you have any?

Do you have any shower or bath time rituals? Are there specific products you LOVE to use?

I wanted to share one I use to use ALL the time – Olay body wash. My husband isn’t a fan of body wash and prefers bar soap (ehh). For simplicity, I started just sharing bar soap with him but I missed the feeling of lasting softness I get with a body wash. I feel like body wash also leaves a stronger scent on me – and if I smell clean, I must be clean right?!

I was asked to participate in a contest with Influenster and Olay (lucky! and the timing was perfect), so off to the store I went. I knew exactly what I was going to pick up (or so I thought) BUT there are so many scents and formulas now! So many of them smelled so good in the store, but I went with the Age Defying formula, because #hello30. The scent smells nice and fresh and just as I remembered, left my skin feeling so soft.

Have you tried this product or any other products from Olay? Let me know what you think?


2016 taught me…

…to be FLEXIBLE. 

As I watched and listened to many of my friends complain about 2016 and how bad it was, I couldn’t help but feel grateful that I didn’t have one specific thing or a series of things that made 2016 bad for me. 2016 wasn’t an extravagant year by any means, but there were lessons to be learned, and for that I am thankful. 

Naturally, I am a by-the-book, stick to a routine type of person. This year, I learned to be flexible with my schedule, my expectations, my body, flexible in my thinking, and even the words I speak. 

Here’s a few of my favorite things of 2016:

  • Getaways with Trevor, 
  • Time away with my family – specifically our trip this summer to Florida, 
  • Tony Robbins’ UPW event with friends/colleagues, 
  • Spending more quality time with more friends, 
  • More play dates with Jax, 
  • and the opportunity to enjoy my less thrill-seeking hobbies – cooking, yoga, and reading. 

So here’s to remaining flexible and finding the perfect BALANCE in life that I longed for in 2016, in 2017. CHEERS! 


As I celebrate my 2nd anniversary of beginning yoga, I wanted to reflect on this experience. 
A few things I’ve learned from yoga: 

  • Be present in the moment. 
  • The hardest version of a pose when you’ve reached your edge is to SMILE. 
  • If you’re feelin’ it, you’re doin’ it. 

Here are some fun pictures from some of my classes I’ve taken and poses at random places. 

My second time at Aerial Yoga Houston. I love to fly.
After an intense hip opening and hamstring releasing class, I attempted the splits for the first time in years. Work to be done, yes, but it felt so good.
Birthday yoga – I took a total of 5 hours of yoga that targeted hamstrings, hip flexors, and glutes. This was the first two hours.
SUP yoga for the second time for my 29th birthday.
‘Performing’ a yoga sequence for a team competition.
Yoga at sunset in Laguna City Beach, FL
When I was first learning ‘crow’ pose – Millennial Park, Chicago, IL
Exploring Houston with a friend – I’ll never pass up an opportunity to take an artsy yoga pose picture 😉

Have you tried yoga? What’s your favorite style or pose? If not, what’s stopping you? 

Allstars in Austin

While in Florida, I got a text from a friend asking if I was free in August to join him for a weekend in Austin. I got quick approval from Trevor to go and that weekend was here before I knew it. The crazy thing about this trip was it was hosted by my previous employer – as in the man I once worked for and left, planned the whole thing. The summer before I left Enterprise, they hosted this same contest but for a weekend in San Antonio and I earned that trip in 2014. Two years had passed and I still have many friends at Enterprise, a few of which were going to be there. Enterprise treated me well so I was excited to go. Plus, a free spa treatment and night out on the town free of charge — SIGN ME UP! 

We headed out on a Friday in August after grabbing some local BBQ downtown. We stopped at Hruska’s on the way to Austin for some of the best kolaches. We arrived to our hotel, the Hilton in downtown Austin and got the party started. We went out that night to the Iron Cactus and a few other spots on 6th St before calling it a night. 

The next morning, Ignacio went to play golf with the boys while I enjoyed the day mostly to myself. I ate a nice, big breakfast at the hotel, read a book, explored some of Austin, and went to Milk+honey spa for my mani/pedi. It was a very serene atmosphere at the spa with many natural products, which I loved. 

Saturday night we went to Uncle Julio’s for dinner and bar hopping afterwards. One bar we went to was called the Container Bar and we literally had a private area, in a container. Another bar had a hammock, so of course I jumped right in that! We had a great time. Even though there wasn’t an Uber, the transportation available was fun. We might have almost crashed on a bike (we weren’t drinking and driving — and maybe that’s a bit dramatic), it was a good time! 

Saffers in the Sun 

It was in the early 90’s the last time my family went on a vacation together as a family of 5. Over the past few years, my brother Bryon and I had taken his kids on multiple vacations together and last year we got the great idea to invite our parents to Florida. They said ‘yes’. Yep, you read that right – they wanted to be apart of our vacation too even though it was outside of Texas! We couldn’t believe it so we made sure my other brother Jason was in, which he was, so we started the planning. 

During the time we were planning, Trevor started working at another office and didn’t want to burn all of his vacation time, so he was only able to spend a few days with us. The house we chose was a 3 minute walk to the ocean and had plenty of space for all 12 of us. Here’s the view standing on the balcony porch. It was huge. 

We did some things together and some things separate. We grilled out, ate at some locals spots, and had chill nights in with low-key dinners. We went shopping, played putt-putt & rode go-carts (even Dad joined in for those), and of course played at the beach at various times of the day. One of our favorite nightly activities was crab hunting. The sunsets on the beach were GORGEOUS. 

My three favorite moments were:

  • Spending a day with Trevor where we went out on a boat to Shell Island where we had planned to snorkel. There was a storm brewing in the Gulf so it was raining, incredibly windy, and the water was super choppy. We made the best of it because we still went out there and had a blast playing in the waves and searching for shells (they were everywhere, hence the name). We attempted to snorkel but it was tough with the weather so our session wasn’t very successful. We were unexpectedly able to swim with wild dolphins! That was so cool! Also, we had planned that day to go parasailing but we got a call that due to the weather they had to cancel. Fast forward a few hours and we got a call the wind had chilled out some so we could come down to the beach and go up! I was so excited because this was THE ONE THING I wanted to do with Trevor while we were here. We got in the boat with a couple of other people and a man had this terrified look on his face as he was exiting the boat – he saw a SHARK! Well, of course he did, it’s the ocean and we’re in their habitat. It was finally our turn and we had the longest, farthest ride of all the groups so that meant 3 dips in the water. As soon as our line was all the way out, I looked down and what do I see — yep, you guessed it — a SHARK! I won’t lie, I panicked for a second because how will they know if a shark is there when they go to dip us! Trevor, of course, was laughing at me the whole time and he loved every second of it. We had such a great day of laughing so much and enjoying each other’s company. I was literally laughing until I was crying.  

  • Sharing a room and so much time with my nephew, Oakley. This kid, he is hilarious and so sweet! It was a great time to bond with him. He lost a tooth, showed me that no matter what you’re doing kids are always watching, and shared with me some of his favorite things. 

Here we are during our arrival to the beach. I took the kids out there and let them get wet in their clothes, haha.

  • Seeing the smile on my mom’s face. Y’all, seriously to see her have fun and doing something that is totally out of her comfort zone gives me all the feels! I love being able to share my love of life with my parents but to see them truly enjoying themselves takes it to a whole new level for me. My mom was truly enjoying herself and that feeling will always remain with me for the rest of my life. 

Mom putting her feet in the water for the first time.

Overall, it was a great trip and I’m glad we were all able to be there together. Until next time… Swim on friends. 

Take the leap…

…you never know where you’ll fall. You could fall flat on your face or you could land stable on your feet, ready to run! 

Two years ago, I took a leap of faith by quitting the only career I’d ever known as an adult. I had comfort in this job. Lots of comfort. It was a steady pay, company car, health benefits, a solid 401k program with a match, and more than that, I was an expert at what I did on a day-to-day basis. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of challenges in this position, but the job itself was easy to do. People came to me for advice and mentoring, which I loved. My biggest challenge though was those closest to me repeatedly expressed to me that I had lost myself along the way. I knew they were right. Of course, 6 years out of college you’d think I would change, but in a good way. I wasn’t staying true to myself and I wasn’t having fun from the hours of 7-7 every. single. day. I knew I needed a change. 

I started my new job at Paychex and as with any new job, it was a nice change. It was both fun and challenging.  Now two years later, it’s still fun and challenging. Without a doubt, there have been many lessons learned along the way and things I knew have been confirmed. Here are a few things Paychex, my team, and the career transition have taught me.

1. Be the same person publicly, professionally, and privately. People will either like you or they won’t so ALWAYS be yourself. 

2. No one is going to care more about your career (or any of your life decisions) than you will so take ownership of that. Make your life what YOU want it to be. 

3. Things worth having require sacrifice. You don’t have to sacrifice EVERYTHING. 

4. Time away from the office isn’t a weakness but is required to recharge. 

5.  Get comfortable getting uncomfortable. 

Some of these things I already knew and were already being put to use in my life and daily routine, but they remind me that I made the right decision two short years ago. Btw, all those things I gave up from my previous career, are all things I have at Paychex (and more). 

Walking on the Edge of Life

At the beginning of this year, one of my colleagues introduced my team and I to a Tony Robbins team member. He talked to us about empowering beliefs and limiting beliefs. At the end of our meeting, he gave us an invitation to come to Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within (UPW) Event in Dallas in June. Of course this event isn’t free, but people have given testimonies of how life changing it was. My first reactions were, ‘how am I going to convince my husband this is an investment vs an expense’ and ‘do I really need a life changing intervention, because I have a pretty good life that I’m happy with’ but my third reaction was ‘I get to walk across burning coals?’ SIGN ME UP!  

In June, myself and 5 of my colleagues, including my boss (and friend) made a trip to Dallas for a life changing weekend. Again, I didn’t really think there was much change needed in most areas of my life, but I was going with work friends and I knew one thing was for sure – I wanted to be one of the top reps in my company for recognition and to make more money, honestly. 

It’s hard to explain in typed words what exactly happened and what has changed, but I will try and share some of my biggest takeaways and what the event was like. 

Day 1:

We arrived in Dallas after leaving Houston at 7:30 am, grabbed an early lunch (because there would be no meal breaks on the first day), headed over to registration and got in our seats. There were thousands of people in the room. From noon to after 11:00 pm we were fully immersed in all that is Tony Robbins – hard core, completely energetic, absolute craziness, and the most fun you’ve had in your life. So much that you don’t even have time to feel exhausted. Day 1 was all about creating and being in a peak state. I didn’t even know what this meant prior to going to this event. Now I couldn’t even imagine not being able to get myself in a peak state within a moment – any moment. That evening, we headed outside and walked across FIRE. Ok, it was hot coals – burning hot coals. I’m sure you saw the drama unravel on the news stations (at least if you live near Dallas), but I assure you, it wasn’t that dramatic. If you want to know how we conditioned ourselves to do ‘THE WALK’ I highly urge you to go to the event. You won’t regret it. I promise. It was most definitely an adrenaline rush, an accomplishment that I am proud of, and a bucket list item checked off that I didn’t even know I had to check. 

#makeyourmove ‘say yes’ #yes 

Day 1 (night): We were EXHAUSTED beyond belief and just wanted a bed to sleep in. We had reservations at a hotel a few miles outside of downtown. Not really a big deal, and it was a credible hotel chain. Or so we thought. I don’t know what was worse – the smoke smell, mildew smell, broken headboards, stained carpet, or wet towels. Needless to say, we got upgraded to stay at the Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas which was attached to the convention center for the remainder of the trip. *not laughable at the time, VERY laughable now. 

Day 2:

The second day we came prepared with more snacks and food for the day. We were ready for more of Tony. Due to his restrictions from his doctor, he requires a bit of down time from talking, so a good part of the day was videos of him during previous events. It was almost like he was still right there with us saying those words. We spent the day focused on visualizing the future – what do you love, hate, want, and are passionate about. My dreams of my future became more clear. There was a lot of dancing, jumping, screaming, cheering, chanting, smiling, and so many more emotions. Tears were shed, and my feet were swollen by the end of the night but I didn’t even notice until we sat down. 

Day 3: 

This was the last day we were there – we didn’t stay for the 4th day that was focused on health and wellness since we had a group that was pretty health conscious. Our last day was all about putting everything together from the past two days. We talked about and experienced being laser focused and mastering areas of our life. Tony shared his priming method with us and we got to experience something I use almost daily still – his morning ritual. That night, er morning of the fourth night, my roommate, Natalie, and I had a discussion  about ‘mastery’ and what that means to us and how we can put it into play into our lives. I’m pretty sure I was delirious at that moment, but I still remember the conversation – a great reminder in our profession of sales. 

This was honestly a life-changing weekend for me and I’m so happy to have experienced it with such great people in my life! #yourefuckingawesome 

To end this post, I wanted to share a few thoughts that may or may not make sense if you haven’t attended one of his events, but hopefully one speaks to you.  

‘You can’t be grateful and fearful/angry at the same time.’ 

‘Life is always happening for us, not to us.’

‘If you want to take the island, burn your boats.’ 

‘To make everyone happy but yourself is the ultimate failure.’